Fuji NXT II M6 (complete line)

These machines are either available for you directly from our warehouse or they can be procured for you upon request.
20x M6 II Module + 1x Tray unit incl. 3 pcs. H12HS heads, 5 pcs. H08M heads, 5 pcs. H01 heads incl. 10 pcs. Nozzle Nester, 100 pcs. Nozzle for H01 heads, 200 pcs. for H08 heads and 500 pcs. for H12HS heads 40 pcs. Feeder palletts, 1 pcs. Tray unit L, Kitting Station, Tray Pallett FiFo Puffer Asys PS30 year, 2012 Asys Conveyor TRM 02, year 2010 Asys TRM 03, year 2012 Asys Outputstation AMS 03D, year 2006 Aysy Inputstation AES 03D, year 2007 Asys Laser ALS 04, year 2010 DEK Printer Horizon 01 iX, year 2012 Asys Destacker LSB 03 Asys Flipstation WS 01 Asys TRM 03 sorter for good/bad Kidding Stations 1 Module change unit 1 Fuji Vision camera Many spareparts for NXT M/C (Nozzle sensors mechanical parts etc.) Test station for heads Approx. 1500 mixed feeder (more NXT feeder possible)